Spring Audit

Sam Preston 4 January 2018 1 min read
Spring Audit feature image

Spring is associated with growth, as Tolstoy said “the time of plans and projects,” and our development teams have been busy extending our safeguarding range with extended course content and new support products. Having headed up a specialist unit for vulnerable children and through my work auditing schools and academies for many years, I know the challenge of ensuring robust safeguarding arrangements are in place, reviewed and regularly updated to keep in line with this ever-changing environment. With everything else to manage it can seem daunting. Just where do you find the time?

I am thrilled to announce we are now including our secure online safeguarding audit tool – ‘Safeguarding Auditor’, as part of our Safeguarding Suite. The audit will help you audit your safeguarding provision step-by-step to either confirm your existing provision is compliant or produce a task list of the steps you can take to ensure compliance. We think this will be an invaluable tool for busy SLTs. Focusing on safeguarding in its widest context, it will enable you to comprehensively audit your current safeguarding arrangements, identify any areas where development is needed and how best practice can be further developed collectively. The audit, which includes the new standards in the revised Keeping children safe in education (2018), is simple to use and progress is tracked through our comprehensive action plan monitoring. Just answer the questions and we’ll formulate your report and action plan. We’ve even added an avatar feature, so I will be there throughout the process to share detailed information.

Sam Preston

SSS Learning Safeguarding Director

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