Group of teacher in a safeguarding training CPD group session

Group Training

SSS Group Training is the very latest update to our unique online safeguarding training system. In addition to issuing training to individuals to complete, you can now create fully tracked Group Training sessions which facilitates collective e-learning and discussion as part of a group. Just choose which suits your staff or your approach best. A fantastic way to deliver CPD training as part of INSET.

Perfect for learners that prefer group work and a fantastic way to engage in training together as a team promoting discussion and positive learning outcomes.

SSS Group Training is so easy to use, you can create your sessions in just a few minutes.

How does it work?
  • Follow our wizard to create your group training
  • Assign trainees that you are expecting to attend
  • Choose which course(s) you would like to deliver in this training
  • Send out an email invite to staff detailing a location, date and time for the training session
  • Run your group CPD / INSET session via projector, Screen or Smart-board
  • Complete the assessment element as a group
  • Once passed, view certificates allocated to attendees in your admin dashboard as evidence of training
  • Sessions once created can also be shared with other admin users at your school or academy for delivery to additional staff.
“ In thirty-three years of teaching and CPD, never have I felt so enabled to learn more with my colleagues. I learn best proactively with groups. Group Mode has cemented my drive to learn more with them and succeed together.

Group mode from SSS Learning has opened the door to a wealth of collaborative learning experiences. I feel confident in completing a broad range of CPD opportunities from a high quality provider. I am able to go further, faster and feel confident to integrate learning into my teaching career for the benefit of others.

I think the best CPD you can get is from working with colleagues. Group Mode drives forward the frontiers of collaboration with deep learning and cooperative assessment. It meets my needs perfectly. ”