SSS Learning

GDPR Statement

SSS Learning Ltd take your data security seriously and is fully compliant with the GDPR.

The person responsible for the control of data at SSS Learning is Mr. Jonathan Case.

We have ensured that our 3rd party suppliers are also GDPR compliant.

Our system has been designed to make safeguarding training and safeguarding audit in schools and academies simple, with no complicated setup for administrators or staff.

Our system is secure (128-bit SSL-encrypted), can be accessed 24/7/365 and works across 3 online websites.

  1. The Admin Dashboard – (
    Our system requires no complicated setup. From the Admin Dashboard simply copy and send an invitation email to your staff with the login details for your school or academy. Once your staff commence training, all progress, results and CPD certificates are presented in the Admin Dashboard as evidence of training.
  2. The Training Site – (
    Staff complete a course via any PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. Each course is made up of an engaging multimedia presentation created using 3D animation, comprehensive course notes and a fully tracked multiple-choice assessment. On completion, staff can view and print their CPD accredited certificate.
  3. The Audit Site – (accessible from
    SLT use the audit site to answer questions regarding safeguarding provision in the setting. The service produces a task list to complete and ensure compliance with requirements.

SSS Learning does not hold or process any sensitive data for our customers.

In order to provide our service, we hold the following data for safeguarding training:

We also hold the following data for individual training account users (staff/volunteers at your establishment):

We hold the following data for safeguarding audit:

We use email and telephone to communicate with the appointed Administrator in your school/academy. We will only use your Administrator e-mail to issue your invoice or invoice reminders, course update information and safeguarding newsletters.

Users’ names, email addresses and encrypted passwords are stored to identify and record user training progress and results and to communicate a password reset if requested by the user. We never contact individual users for any other purpose. We do not store or use any other data.

Deleting a school/academy account

When your subscription expires, we will store your account data to allow you to re-subscribe without losing historical data. If you would like your data to be deleted, email from the email address registered as the account administrator with your request. Your account with be deleted within 24 hours.


None of our services can be accessed without agreeing to our licence terms and conditions which detail the above information.