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Safeguarding Policies Library

Policies are an essential tool for schools and other educational settings. Well-written policies will not only ensure compliance with legislation and statutory guidance, they provide the framework for day-to-day decision-making and direct best practice.

The Policy Library is included in our Safeguarding Suite.

From a safeguarding perspective, stating your intentions in policy not only protects your staff and pupils, it also protects your organisation from potential litigation. Therefore when developing any policy it is essential to get it right!

To support you in this process we have developed our Policy Library, a fantastic resource of template documents authored by our safeguarding specialists, which you can download and customise to your bespoke requirements.


Available to Suite customers in .docx format

  • Accessibility Plan
  • Antibullying Policy
  • Asthma Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Capability of Staff Policy
  • Care & Control Policy
  • Charges Policy
  • Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy
  • Community Cohesion Policy
  • COSHH Policy
  • Critical Incident Plan
  • Data Protection
  • Early Career Teacher (ECT) Policy
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
  • Educational Visit & Project Evaluation Form
  • Educational Visit & Project Proposal Form
  • Educational Visits Policy
  • Equality and Inclusion Policy
  • Exclusion Policy
  • Governors Allowances
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • ICT and Acceptable Use Policy
  • Induction Policy for New Governors
  • Intimate Care Policy
  • Invacuation, Evacuation and Lockdown policy
  • Mobile Technologies Policy
  • Online Safety Group Terms of Reference
  • Online Safety Policy
  • Pupil Premium Policy
  • Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests
  • Relationships Sex Education Policy Academy Primary
  • Relationships Sex Education Policy Maintained Primary
  • Relationships Sex Education Policy Secondary Academy
  • Relationships Sex Education Policy Secondary Maintained
  • Residential Educational Visits Policy
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
  • School Complaints Procedure
  • Searching and Deletion Policy
  • SEND Policy and Information Report
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct Policy
  • Staff Discipline Conduct Grievance Procedures
  • Stress Management Policy
  • Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy
  • Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy
  • Teacher Appraisal Policy
  • Teacher Pay Policy
  • Visitors To School Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy