Why do thousands of schools and academies choose SSS Learning for their safeguarding training?

“ The portal is very self-explanatory and the chat feature is very helpful. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Thank you. ”
“ In thirty-three years of teaching and CPD, never have I felt so enabled to learn more with my colleagues. I learn best proactively with groups. Group Mode has cemented my drive to learn more with them and succeed together.

Group mode from SSS Learning has opened the door to a wealth of collaborative learning experiences. I feel confident in completing a broad range of CPD opportunities from a high quality provider. I am able to go further, faster and feel confident to integrate learning into my teaching career for the benefit of others.

I think the best CPD you can get is from working with colleagues. Group Mode drives forward the frontiers of collaboration with deep learning and cooperative assessment. It meets my needs perfectly. ”

“ We have been using SSS Safeguarding Training now for a couple of years and have found it extremely useful for our staff. The courses are relevant and current and staff can complete these at a time that suits them. For an annual free the school has access to wide variety of courses for all staff which in itself is very cost effective. For anyone who has not tried online courses I would highly recommend SSS Learning. ”
“ We absolutely love your safeguarding training. Unbeatable for price, quality and convenience. My team are delighted and so am I. ”
“ This is our first year subscribing to SSS safeguarding training and have found it an asset to our school, for the annual cost we have access to all required statutory training as well as a variety of topics. It has enabled us to empower more of our staff and allow them to access training in areas that we would not necessarily have offered them giving us a better informed staff as a whole. ”
“ We have found SSS safeguarding training extremely detailed and useful for both staff and governors. Training is up to date and thorough. We highly recommend SSS. ”
“ We are really impressed with SSS safeguarding training. The course content is great and the system itself is very user friendly. The team are very responsive and answer any technical queries immediately. ”
“ SSS safeguarding training is an excellent platform. It is extremely user friendly and very easy to manage. As an administrator of our system, I can easily issue safeguarding training courses and keep track of staff training records. An added bonus is that we can add our own policies for staff to read and have a record of when they have been read. Would definitely recommend. ”
“ This safeguarding training service is simply brilliant, does what it claims, updates me regularly and ensures all my staff have access to the most recent convenient safeguarding training. It keeps our school safe and our staff well informed, one of the best value for money products I pay for in our precious budget. ”
“ My online safeguarding training course was clear to follow, provided exactly the right depth of information and enabled me to be more confident in my professional practice. ”
“ Having used SSS safeguarding training for the last few years I can thoroughly recommend them. Every safeguarding training course is in one place and I am easily able to send out course requests to all of the staff at school, both teaching and non-teaching. I can also check whether courses have been completed. ”
“ As a school we have used SSS for all our safeguarding training over the last couple of years. As DSL at Cornelius Vermuyden I am very happy with the courses that are provided and the level of information that is delivered via the course, the booklet and then the test to be completed at the end of watching the video and reading the information. It is easy as DSL to monitor the use of the course the completion and to evidence the development of staff with regard to safeguarding children. ”
“ SSS Learning provide a comprehensive suite of safeguarding training which can be tailored to meet the needs of the various posts held in a school. I love the flexibility the online portal solution offers, as our staff can access bitesize training throughout the year. The quality and depth of training material is good, with the assessment at the end a useful tool to consolidate understanding. An effective, efficient, and cost-effective way of delivering mandatory and advisory training. ”
“ We find the SSS safeguarding training site excellent - the videos provided are to the point and explained clearly. Having the accompanying documents is a very useful backup especially when taking the final test quiz. ”
“ The provision of online safeguarding training courses has made a difference to the quality of our safeguarding practice and has allowed staff to maintain and update their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues. It has been particularly useful for staff starting mid-year. ”
“ SSS safeguarding training courses are high quality, up-to date reliable resources tailored to the needs of busy professionals across a number of roles working within an education setting. It is a really easy to navigate system and easy to signpost staff to courses relevant to their role and provides opportunities for staff who wish to extend their CPD further. The service has been invaluable recently to use flexibly for whole staff CPD refreshers or for staff working at home to access and keep up to date with necessary training. It means everyone has stayed up to date with safeguarding updates despite the pandemic. The SSS team are always on hand to navigate us through any problems we may have and to point us in the right direction and the reminders of when training needs to be updated is a time-saver too. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for safeguarding training for staff; teachers, support staff, governors, admin teams- we've used it with all roles across school and everyone has loved it! ”
“ I feel it has really helped take the pressure off of The DSL and DDSL to provide safeguarding training, we set safeguarding training and then staff are responsible for completing it in a set time. It is also really easy to see where staff are and what they have completed. Also great if staff move on they can easily print and take certificates for their CPD file. ”
“ Lipson have found the quality of the safeguarding training content, delivery and testing to be of a very high standard. The format of the system allows our staff essentially a self service portal, providing them with both statutory training modules for a wide range of roles and a host of complimentary CPD opportunities. The consistency of the safeguarding training videos and supporting printed materials ensures that staff have the highest quality experience and reference documentation. ”
“ SSS safeguarding training is an excellent platform, it provides detailed video guides and in-depth information on all required courses. As an administrator of the system, I can easily select courses/modules for our staff (regulated, non-regulated activity staff and others) which helps them to complete their relevant modules. The admin portal also allows us to export the entire report of modules completed by staff members, this is very useful as then we do not need to keep a separate record on excel or google sheets. Staff members complete tests in their own time and a generated certificate can then be downloaded from the admin portal. Overall, the system is scalable, manageable and very easy for staff to use. We are really happy with the SSS safeguarding training system and highly recommend it. ”
“ SSS learning safeguarding training is embedded into our continued professional development (CPD) programme for the staff in the school. The whole suite of safeguarding training courses are amazing. Each individual course is full of information, and very easy to navigate through the resources and assessments. All of the feedback I have had from the staff members who have completed courses has been extremely positive. With individuals complimenting how relevant and useful the material covered was. Ultimately it has helped us put a spotlight on our Safeguarding training, and we would not be without it. ”
“ SSS Learning safeguarding training provided us with an efficient online tool to ensure our staff could access their Food Hygiene training with ease. The booking process was seamless and the delegates reported that the training they undertook was thorough and accessible. We will certainly look to rebook when the need arises. ”
“ SSS Learning safeguarding training provided us with an efficient online tool to ensure our staff could access their Food Hygiene training with ease. The booking process was seamless and the delegates reported that the training they undertook was thorough and accessible. We will certainly look to rebook when the need arises. ”
“ We have been using SSS safeguarding training for a few years now and are very impressed on how thorough and precise the knowledge is from the company. We receive up to date information on all relevant Safeguarding issues. Each safeguarding training course is in depth, some have case files for you to view and discuss. We are very impressed with the service provided by SSS safeguarding training and will continue to use them. ”
“ The suite of safeguarding training courses and training available from SSS is second to none and enables us as a school to provide a thorough and robust induction package for new staff. ”
“ I have been impressed with the quality the safeguarding training we have accessed with SSS. It is rigorous, informative, up to date and thought provoking. It is the best safeguarding training I have had in a very long career! An added bonus is that it is easily accessible and can be completed at convenient times. ”
“ We are delighted with SSS Learning for our safeguarding training. The package is easy to use, very informative and engaging, which is not always the case with online training. We have happily used SSS learning safeguarding training once again for our training this year and would highly recommend. ”
“ We have found the Safeguarding safeguarding training suite to be very comprehensive and an excellent source of safeguarding training for both school staff and Governors. I like the way that each module tests understanding along the way, to ensure that no-one can whiz through them without actually reading the screens. ”
“ We have made regular use of the SSS safeguarding training across our School, for all staff. The materials associated with each course are of a high standard and are regularly updated in line with changes to KCSIE and to statutory requirements. ”
“ It was a huge relief to find comprehensive, online refresher safeguarding training to access flexibly around the busy lives of school leaders. The content was very detailed indeed and the assessment challenged and tested sufficiently to really embed the learning points. We will definitely use SSS safeguarding training again. ”
“ Our staff find the safeguarding training courses thorough and really like the option to complete them at their own pace and at a time that suits them. The customer service team is excellent and respond swiftly to queries and requests for new courses, always making sure that we are getting the best deal possible for our MAT. ”
“ SSS is always on top of any new legislation around safeguarding. Using SSS safeguarding training and resources has enabled all staff at school to understand their role in keeping children safe. As a school we have been very happy with SSS safeguarding training and would not hesitate to recommend them. ”
“ All our staff have used SSS safeguarding training in recent weeks & I’ve had very positive feedback. As a personal user I’ve found it quick & easy to access both on my work PC & on my phone whilst waiting to pick my daughter up from college. Its ease of use is excellent & record keeping etc is also really helpful for us admin staff. ”
“ We are finding the SSS safeguarding training suite fantastic so far – a great product. ”
“ I have never come across such an efficient and helpful Helpdesk as SSS Learning. It has always been very much appreciated. ”
“ I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support with SSS learning safeguarding training, it is working really well for ASPIN. ”
“ The SSS safeguarding training package is an excellent resource for our school and staff. The package provides relevant, informative and up to date training for all members of staff, it is designed to be specific for their different roles.

The SSS team ensure that the safeguarding training package is up to date and relevant, immediately responding to national changes and ensuring we are fully compliant.

From an administrator's point of view, the package is user friendly and provides comprehensive and easily accessible training records. These are highly effective as evidence for governors and inspection. The SSS safeguarding training package has played a key role in ensuring that safeguarding is highly effective in our school. ”

“ Our school uses SSS safeguarding training for all of our online training needs for safeguarding. New staff are swamped with policies and legislation, but working with SSS Learning has eased the burden with each staff member managing their own safeguarding training account, having records of when and what training they have done, and are able to print certificates off for completed courses.

The SSS Learning staff are delightful and really helpful in supporting all users. The range of safeguarding training courses is increasing by reacting to changing demands in the workplace environment.

I would very much recommend the services of SSS Learning to encompass all safeguarding requirements for training, it is quick and easy to issue courses and I consider their offer a fair price. ”

“ It is very reassuring to know that the school is using a company that takes their work so seriously and has such a professional and responsible attitude towards the safeguarding training and support provided for staff. Fantastic work! ”
“ We have found the SSS safeguarding training package an excellent resource for our school. The package provides relevant and up to date safeguarding training for all members of staff in their different roles. The safeguarding bulletins are informative and carefully summarise the latest safeguarding news in a way that supports safeguarding leads. The SSS team ensure that the safeguarding training package is up to date and relevant; if any areas for training are identified these are promptly addressed. From an administrator's point of view, the package is user friendly and provides accessible safeguarding training records. We have also found the safeguarding audit tool valuable in identifying next steps. The SSS safeguarding training package has played a key role in ensuring that safeguarding is effective in our school. ”
“ I have found the SSS Safeguarding training suite one of the best investments for our school. As the administrator of the suite I can easily access and direct staff to up to date safeguarding training relevant to their roles and as part of our core induction for new starters.

The online support is fantastic and regular e-mails advising when there has been an update to a course is vital for me to be able to make sure that as a workforce we are compliant with all safeguarding needs. ”

“ As a Headteacher safeguarding is the first priority and paramount in the work we do as a College. We needed to find a way that all our staff were and are continued to be kept up to date with the changing legislation and guidance that we regularly receive in education.

The SSS learning safeguarding training platform is outstanding in making sure that we can keep everyone up to date by ensuring all their online programmes are up to date and we are communicated with when new updates are implemented.

The administrative side of the safeguarding training platform is also an outstanding product in helping us to ensure full compliance across the College and direct staff to the right CPD. Thank you SSS learning ”

“ I have found SSS Safeguarding training suite one of the best investments since becoming a head teacher of a busy primary school. I thought that it would be a headache to set up and administer - it has been the opposite. I can easily access and direct staff to up to date and relevant safeguarding training bespoke to their needs.

As a leader I can quickly see my school's safeguarding training needs and I can access and audit my school swiftly and simply. I know instantly my whole school workforce's safeguarding training and their needs. Staff enjoy the freedom to access the training remotely and the fact that all of the training materials are available on smartphones, tablets etc means they can access the training anywhere.

The online support provides me with any help, instantly, whenever I need it. The fact that the designers and developers are able to listen to my needs and adapt and include features personal to me is something I greatly value.

I know my school and the workforce are completely compliant because of SSS safeguarding training. ”

“ We have been delighted with the comprehensive safeguarding training package available from SSS Learning. I have been particularly impressed with the courses that have been made available for our support staff at the school. The audit tool is proving invaluable! ”
“ This is our second year of using the SSS Learning Online Safeguarding Training Suite.

We particularly like its cost effective solution to ensuring our staff, governors and the school are fully compliant and statutory safeguarding training requirements are met.

The admin dashboard provides a plethora of information about course content and course pathways and the reports feature enables us to easily monitor our trainees' activity.

Help and support are excellent. ”

“ We're so thankful your offering is ever-evolving and expanding safeguarding training service, keeping up with our growing safeguarding training requirements. ”
“ Many thanks and keep up the amazing work that you and the safeguarding training team are doing, always friendly and professional when I contact you. ”
“ Very helpful and easy. Wish everything was as painless to organise as SSS safeguarding training! ”
“ All went incredibly smoothly and as this is the first time we have used online safeguarding training services like this we have all been very impressed with it all. ”
“ Can I say - I love the new newsletter. Very informative with good web sites for follow up - to the point and very visual.

Thank you for making my job easier. ”

“ The safeguarding training package of online learning from SSS has allowed us to ensure that all of our staff have an excellent knowledge of safeguarding policy and practice. It was easy to introduce safeguarding training and staff have reported that they find it really useful. Thank you! ”
“ With SSS Learning’s safeguarding training CPD courses, each member of staff can go online on a date and at a time that works for them and their busy schedules. This is achieving considerable cost savings for our school as we don’t need to arrange cover for their classes which we would have done in the past to facilitate face-to-face training days.

The SSS Learning safeguarding training CPD courses are far more cost-effective as we can issue courses throughout the year which is especially important when new staff join us. To get a trainer in each time we have new teachers joining would see our costs increase significantly.

The flexibility the courses give us in terms of when teachers can complete them and when we issue them is useful. The e-learning approach is highly personalised - we can assess each individual teacher’s understanding of the topics.

The e-learning approach is achieving benefits threefold:

  • Achieves significant cost savings on staff cover associated with training days
  • Provides flexibility to staff so courses are completed at the best time for each teacher
  • The courses are extremely easy to administer out to staff so cuts down on coordination and chase-up time.
“ The safeguarding training courses enable us to train staff and governors efficiently and in a timely way. They are also valuable as an induction tool enabling us to train new staff at any point of the academic year. The combination of video and animation is engaging supported by rigorous assessment so we can be confident learning is secure.

Unlike traditional training methods, by having access to the software throughout the academic year we now have a valuable resource and reference point. Courses can be revisited and supporting reference material accessed to reinforce and support practice.

In the past, safeguarding training has been completed by on site INSET or releasing staff offsite. This type of trading relies on staff recalling information and in some cases cascading to other staff. The benefit of the SSS Learning safeguarding training courses is that we are informed of any legislative statutory changes throughout the year. The system also allows us to monitor each member of staff’s progress and achievement, so we can be confident that practice is at the highest level. ”

“ You can have confidence in safeguarding training from SSS Learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending their unique online Safeguarding training system and first-class support. SSS are fully exploiting the potential of ICT in its delivery of relevant safeguarding training courses that are produced to an exceptionally high quality. ”
“ We have over ninety staff so needed a safeguarding training package that was easy to introduce and monitor. The online safeguarding training from SSS met all our requirements. ”
“ The SSS Learning safeguarding training has been invaluable... easy to use and is updated regularly with any changes in legislation. Our Head of Quality is able to track staff progress through the online service, ensuring everyone completes the training in a timely manner. ”
“ As a school we are passionate about safeguarding all of the pupils in our care. It is the most important job that we do as staff in the teaching profession. In order to make certain that all of the DfE legislation is adhered to, and to ensure that we are providing the best possible practice within school, it is vitally important that everyone involved in the supervision and care of the students have all the information at hand and understand their individual responsibilities with regards to safeguarding.

The safeguarding training courses available through membership of SSS Learning enable our staff to access the latest information through online learning, and eliminates the need to bring in external tutors and consultants to present to them. The fact that staff have to show complete understanding of the topic matter by answering questions on the content of the courses they have studied in order to be awarded a CPD certificate, gives the school great confidence that the learning has been successful. This is not the case at the end of a presentation given by an external tutor. The safeguarding training courses available are appropriate and pitched at the right level to be interesting and informative at the same time. It is extremely useful for the staff to be able to leave a course mid-session and re-join at a convenient time in their busy workload to finish it off. Being a DSL it is important to collate and view the progress of staff accessing their individual courses and to this end the administrative function is invaluable.

SSS Learning safeguarding training is a cost effective means by which safeguarding training is completed, and allows full compliance to be evidenced for Inspection purposes.

We fully recommend schools to become members of this excellent provision and take away the concerns and worries of not knowing what staff know. It is very easy to monitor learning and ultimately be confident that you are compliant in your provision for safeguarding children. ”