Top Tips for Parents: Why you need to keep your children safe online

Jonathan Case 5 February 2024 1 min read

It's really important for parents to make sure their children are safe when they use the internet. Here's why:

Protection from inappropriate content

The internet has good and bad things. Children might see things that aren't suitable for them, get bullied online, or even meet people who want to do harm. Making sure they stay safe online helps protect them from these dangers.

Growing Up Healthy

Spending too much time on the internet without supervision can affect how children grow up emotionally and socially. Making sure they have a safe online experience helps them grow up in a healthy way.

Privacy and Safety

We need to teach children about keeping things private online and using strong passwords. This way, they develop good habits to stay safe on the internet.

Knowing How to Use the Internet

By keeping an eye on what children do online, parents help them learn how to use the Internet wisely. This means understanding what's true or false online, being responsible in digital spaces, and recognising online dangers.

Stopping Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a big problem, and parents can help prevent it. Watching how children interact online helps parents spot signs of bullying and step in when needed.

Balancing Screen Time

Too much time in front of screens can be bad for a child's health. Parents can help by making sure children have a good balance between online activities and other experiences.

Building Trust and Talking

Talking openly about online safety helps build trust between parents and children. When children feel safe talking about their online experiences, parents can guide and support them better.

Being Legal and Ethical

Parents have a job to make sure their children know the rules and act responsibly online. This means respecting others' privacy, not copying things from the internet without permission, and understanding that there are consequences for bad online behaviour.

Avoiding Too Much Internet

Using the Internet too much, especially social media and online games, can become a problem. Parents can help by keeping an eye on screen time and encouraging a healthy balance.

Getting Ready for the Future

Since technology is a big part of our lives, teaching children how to be responsible online is preparing them for the future. It's like giving them a skill they'll need in the digital world.

In the end, keeping children safe online is about watching over them, teaching them, and talking with them. It's a big part of being a good parent in the age of the Internet.

Jonathan Case

BSc (Hons) Env Health

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