Safeguarding conversations podcast series.

Safeguarding Q&A Session - 31 Oct 2023

Questions covered in this webinar included:

  • Do DSLs have to be on call for activities provided by external providers on the school site during the holidays?
  • Do governors have to complete safeguarding training or is a briefing as part of induction acceptable?
  • I want to audit our safeguarding provision across all areas- what's the best place to start?
  • How do you access the SSS Learning Audit Tool?
  • When repeating educational visits do you need to do a site visit before each visit?
  • When changes are announced do I need to undate my policies immediately or can it be done when review is due?
  • If one parent gives consent for an Early Help referral but the other parent refuses, can I still proceed with the referral?

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31 October 2023

15:30 to 16:00